Saturday, December 15, 2012


Issey Miyake is absolutely one of the many Japanese designers my Mom and I worship. His iconic origami-like creations are classic pieces that defy all trends. His garment pleating has been continually been replicated but never matched. According to the brilliant designer, it takes two or three people to create garment pleating. Then, they have to twist, twist, twist the pleats together and put it all in the machine to cook it. No wonder these things cost an arm and a leg. But that's a little price you pay to walk around wearing a piece of art. 
Top - Issey Miyake blouse / Bottom - Hong Kong find skirt with fringes + leggings
Footwear - Prada wedges


  1. Pleats, please! I have a friend who's the biggest collector of Issey Miyake that I know. She dresses up almost exclusively Miyake everyday. She told me the Miyake design team uses a particular paper to make those pleated garments because she had an exclusive tour in their factory before.

    You look cool as always, tita!

    1. herbert custodio has a vast selection too. he started collecting ata nung 90s when he was still based in tokyo.