Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Lola A was stressing out big time for the past few days because she couldn't decide what to wear to her bff's son's wedding. Obviously, we're not the biggest fans of red-carpet gowns and matronly dresses! So instead of wearing a boring conventional gown Lola A opted for this beautiful Hache drapey dress which was a gift from moi. Then, she paired it with a structured pleated skirt and wedges for an edgier look. And of course, she finished the look with Miadore's Lisette No.3 from The New Saint" collection.
Top - Hache drapey dress / Bottom - Giordano Ladies pleated skirt / Footwear - Zara wedges
Accessories - Lisette No. 3 from Miadore's New Saint collection