Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Without a doubt, Lola A favors comfort over style when traveling. Normally, she prepares her luggage several days before her departure to avoid leaving behind any of her travel essentials. Never cram at the eleventh hour. Otherwise, it's a disaster waiting to happen. 

Here are some tips from Lola A to have an awesome vacation:
1. Bring your comfiest sneakers or flats since most of the time you will be on your feet roaming around. Of course, nobody wants unpleasant dead toenails at the end of the trip.
2. Pack wrinkle-free ready-to-wear garments. You'd rather have that extra time recuperating from all the shopping and sightseeing.
3. Master the art of layering. This is quite handy when you are traveling to somewhere cold. Layer up or layer down depending on the temperature and the wind situation.
4. A roomy purse is a must for your beauty survival kit!
5. Take your favorite pair of sunnies with you. This will protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. It's also your best weapon to conceal those sleepless nights!
Top - Giordano Ladies cardigan + H&M blouse / Bottom - H&M leggings
Accessories - Balenciaga Work handbag + random scarf / Footwear - Bensimon slip-ons

Photos by Patrick Singson

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