Monday, November 19, 2012


Both my Mom and I love to explore the different possibilities of wearing a garment. Today, she puts a new spin on this men's indigo denim trench coat from Yohji Yamamoto's now defunct Coming Soon line. Instead of wearing it like a typical trench she inverted it backwards to reveal its seams, lining and even the tag. Thus, it looks more interesting and modern. Then, she paired it with an all-black outfit so the denim trench coat would pop out even more. And then, she opted for a comfy pair of chocolate brown penny loafers with tassels from Bally for a more laid-back look.
Top - Yohji Yamamoto's Coming Soon indigo denim trench + Zara tee / Bottom - Michael Kors wide-leg trousers
Footwear - Bally penny loafers with tassels


  1. that's the good thing about pieces that are so well done,
    than even inside out, they look beautiful…