Monday, November 26, 2012


Check this out guys. Mom's latest acquisition - a pair of vintage mules from Antwerp Six's Dirk Bikkembergs! I like these lovely heels' mix of subtlety (plain black) and flamboyance (blatant display of the label's name). I don't mind the display of labels as long as it's tastefully done and  as long as it's purposely incorporated to the style of the article.
I just wish Bikkembergs bring back the old Bikkembergs aesthetic. I'm so over the commercial jock sportswear look! 
Moving on. Check out Mom as she works her new pair of Bs! Will try to convince her to wear her first Bs  (yes the orange ones she wore at the Preview Ball last July) on her next outfit post!
Top - Giordano Ladies asymmetrical cardigan + Cheap Monday asymmetrical tank / Bottom - random leggings
Footwear - Dirk Bikkemberg mules



  1. Wow great shoes, lady !!
    I had a question -- are the Acne Spin brogues your mom has in brown easy to walk in? As far as wedges and platform/heels go, are they comfortable ? I'd love to purchase some and I found some online, however, don't want to spend the money if they are uncomfortable ....

    1. hi laura! i just asked my mom about the shoes. she said it's really comfy unlike her other shoes. she said it's one of the shoes she owns that she can wear practically all-day. go get the shoes. you won't regret it! and thanks for reading her blog!